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There  was a 14 year old named Cloee who sat in with several bands who was  
AMAZING!  She was not timid and traded 4's with anyone who  offered...including 

She was great wasn't she Rebecca? I was very impressed  with her tone and her 
presence on stage. All of "Hall's Angels" were very  good.
The weekend was great and I am also very happy that  the rain didn't come 
till Monday morning when we headed off towards home. It  usually rains at least 
one day at this festival.
Another thing I noticed new about the Festival was the  Band Sponsors which 
allowed them to keep the prices down a bit. With most  Festivals getting so 
expensive, as things are getting more expensive and  attendance is falling some 
with those wonderful fans who are reaching the age of  death, lol, sorry, it 
may be a way to keep some of these festivals going.  Finding those who have a 
little extra and can afford to sponsor a band, get  their name in the paper and 
a special seat right in front, it might be something  that other festivals 
might want to consider.
I told Hal and All, that we would sponsor the Natural  Gas Band if the bring 
them down next year so we are hoping that they will.  Lol
On new thing it seems also was the early night when  the music stopped. Not 
that I can stay up as late as I used to 20 years ago, but  I can remember when 
it was past midnight when the last band played then and now  it's 10 PM.
Again though, a great job to everyone involved and  thanks again for the 
fantastic way they handle the Handicapped  seating.
This festival is probably my favorite but then I have  been almost every year 
and live close. If 2 1/2 hours is  close.
Jazz  Hugs


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