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Yes, this was the same Chloe that sat in with the Jammers last year. Apparently she is home-schooled and consequently does not participate in the typical school music programs.  Anyhow she also started out this year with the Jammers.  I saw her sit in with Mighty Aphrodite on two songs and Jeff Barnhart w/Paris Washboard on yet another.  When they asked her what tune she wanted to do, she asked to do Sweet Georgia Brown which is apparently in her comfort zone.  She did manage to do a very credible job on her second tune with Mighty Aphrodite (what the heck was it???)  including some nice improvisations.  I sure would have liked to have seen her with Draga and the Jazzdagen crew. 

Kay in Gilroy  (just back home about an hour now...)

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This sounds like the sax player that sat in with the JazzSea Jammers last  
year and was astonishing!  At that time she had heard her first Dixieland  tune 
only about two weeks earlier, said she really liked it a lot, so had shown  up 
at the Festival.  Played like there was nothing to it.   Maybe her name is 
spelled Chloe?

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I won't  take up everyone's time with lots of words about the San Diego 
Festival.   I will say that some of the best musicians were here.  The four days 
went  by way too fast!  So much credit goes to Hal Smith and others who brought  
it all together.

There was a 14 year old named Cloee who sat in with  several bands who was 
AMAZING!  She was not timid and traded 4's with  anyone who offered...including 

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