[Dixielandjazz] The desert island iPod and great sheet music titles

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Sun Nov 12 12:04:09 PST 2006

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But  that's still all it is - a listening device, not some moral  
imperative.  The music surely (don't call me Shirley!)  is the  constant, 
that hey, King Oliver's music is something special, whatever our  
preference for getting it to our ears.  Pity the poor, forlorn  8-track!

I am still organizing my new condo and just yesterday  put three boxes of 
tapes onto a shelf in my garage. I will go through all of  them when I get my 
I-pod. Wow, I vision months of putting them all in but  it would be fun. That is 
not even counting the boxes of CD's. What a  job.
Then, I was talking to my Mom about doing this. I  guess once I get mine 
done, I'll have to do one for her.  lol
Jazz  Hugs


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