[Dixielandjazz] Mozilla.

Don Robertson jdrobertson at att.net
Sun Nov 12 09:05:20 PST 2006

Having cut my teeth on Netscape when I was still gainfully employed, I 
hung on to it until recently.  Then I switched to Firefox/Thunderbird  
and I LOVE it.  I just downloaded version 2 and it's even better.  
Netscape/Firefox started tabbed browsing, which MS Internet Explorer, 
just finally got around to employing.

Don Robertson
Napa, CA

Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon wrote:
> Off-topic, unless we all remember that we all help each other out on 
> occasion....
> Anyone here solely using Mozilla's Thunderbird (email) and Firefox 
> (web)?  I recently switched out of sadness that Netscape stopped 
> functioning on my system, and Microsoft will probably always disgust me. 
>   So far, I have no complaints.  Any folk on the list in a similar boat?
> OKOM relation:  Thunderbird and Firefox resemble titles to early 
> Armstrong tunes...,

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