[Dixielandjazz] Bill Gunter. Movie Star? Washboard players on screen.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Sun Nov 12 01:24:22 PST 2006

Did anyone else watch the umteenth rerun of the movie "Stalag 17" with 
William Holden on cable tonight on our veterans day here in the US?  If 
so, you may have seen the Christmas celebration scene where a mini 
Boondokers band was playing along with a record player. Washtub bass, a 
singer, and a washboard player!

The washboard player, called "Security" in the movie, was a slick, 
handsome dude with lots of shiny, black hair and a gentle touch on the 
washboard. This movie was made some time ago, so is it possible the part 
of the German/American snitch conversant with the washboard may have 
been Bill Gunter in his younger days, or does someone on the list know 
the name of that actor? I missed the credits, but he looked familiar.

Maybe list mate Gunter can enlighten us on that?

Mad Dawg

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