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Get TV  coverage.

Snip above from Steve to say, Yes!  Local PBS produced a  well-done ten 
minute feature on St. Louis Banjo Club for a program called Living  St. Louis.  The 
station frequently re-runs the segment.  I had at  least enough smarts to sit 
in the front row, smile at the camera and keep my  hands moving.  More than a 
year later, probably once a week someone  recognizes me from that.  Within 
past week have booked one banjo-duo gig  from a person who asked if that was me 
on TV.  Same thing happened for a  friend who was a member of a dancing group. 
 So look for an angle that you  can pitch to public broadcasting.
Also local suburban type newspapers are always looking for a story angle on  
someone that lives in their community, so get creative with what that could  
be--I dunno, something like local Dixielander raises goats, volunteers at  
historical society--what is that you do for the community?  See whose  byline is 
on the stories and contact them.  That has happened for me at  least a 
half-dozen times, but always in the context of 'musician who also  .....'
By asking what you do for your community, I just tried to sneak in the idea  
that if you are out and about, you have more contact for handing out  cards.  
I was surprised to grow up and discover that those who sell join  churches 
where they believe they can maximize business success, etc.   Networking is 
For past couple of years local banjo players lucked out by having an  
effective PR person working voluntarily on behalf of PR for banjo  club.  The result 
is that individuals regularly call the club  number wanting referrals for 
hiring small groups of banjo  players.  I know of five groups who are getting 
calls as a result of  this.  Cost to the individual is $25 year club membership.  
Sorry, the  club will only refer banjo-playing groups.  I see this as 
something that  local jazz clubs could do--but does not do in St. Louis.  And no, I'm  
not volunteering today to do PR for St. Louis Jazz Club.
One jaded experience regarding Steve's advice to have your gigs publicized  
in urban newspapers.  Based on limited experience, that does apparently  often 
involve "gifting" the journalist who does the article.

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