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Tue Nov 7 14:20:48 PST 2006

I didn't go to her website, but to Amazon. She has several CDs, so if you are 
interested, check out AMAZON. I like the track list that was first cited.   
Amazon has one of her CDs, i forget which one, listed as ranking at 1, 278 in 
music sales, a PHENOMINALLY HIGH ranking.

I list her latest CDs first, and her first recordings follow right after:
Skylark...$14.95. Id love to hear this, there is no track list but i'd love 
to hear her sing Skylark. IF its on there

By REQUEST  ($13.95)
1. Sunday Kind Of Love
2. Sentimental Journey
3. Georgia On my Mind
4. Taking a Chance on Love
5. Bill Bailey
6. What a Wonderful World
7. Over The Rainbow
8. At Last

Renee Olstead ($13
1. Summertime
2. Taking A Chance On Love
3. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
4. Someone To Watch Over Me - featuring Chris Botti
5. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - duet with Peter Cincotti
6. A Love That Will Last7. Meet Me, Midnight
8. Sunday Kind Of Love - featuring Chris Botti
9. On A Slow Boat To China - featuring Carol Welsman
10. What A Difference A Day Makes
11. Midnight At The Oasis
12. Sentimental Journey

SELECTIONS. a 3 song CD is pricey at $27.45

STONE COUNTRY  ($149.00) !!!!!!!!
This is must her first, and now unavailable debut, recorded BEFORE she was in 
HS...she was in 8th GRADE!There is not a recognizable song (for me!) on the 
track list, but Raves abound at AMAZON

UNLEASHED ($88.00)
Recorded when she was 13; as above, not recognizable song title, and only 4 
songs on CD/Amazon Raves


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