[Dixielandjazz] One for Brother Gunter

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That's why all the younger hipper washboardist have multiple body 
piercings,   they can rest those nimble thimbled fingers by just 
rubbing the washboard vertically and horizontally to acheive often 
superior sounds not heard by an average washboardist.

I am thinking of getting nipple piercings and hangin' a couple of hand 
grenades off of them ,, now how cool is that ??  I could probably get a 
gig with a Heavy Metal ROCK OUTFIT WITH THOSE BABIES,  maybe miniature 
green tamborines from the ears, and a small Metal Bell thru the nose,  
wow the possibilities are endless, cowbell with a clapper hangin' from 
well you can visualize it guys.  would take a really cool dude to get 
that piercing :))

RAWK ON DUDES !!   Yo mamma rawks, and yore sister does too !!

Wow they didn't have this cool stuff in OKOM when I joined :))   we've 
come a long way baby a long long way.

Tom, zip zip clangity clang clack clack kaboom !!!!!  oh darn somebody 
pulled one of the grenades out of the pin run run.

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    > Preferences aside, it just seems like the horizontal position, 
laying in
> lap, would deaden any resonance and just about totally muffle the 
sound of
> washboard.  All those dulcet tones would be lost in the pleats of the
> player's trousers!!  I realize the YouTube clips don't have a great 
> audio fidelity, but I really couldn't tell what the guy was doing 
until I
> saw that he had a small cymbal set on the end of the board.


And the vertical position would not loose any resonance by having the
washboard pressed against the player's (sometimes overly ample) belly??
The again think of the possibility if the player had various studs, 
ring etc
in their body.
Little Egypt with a washboard would add a whole new dimension to the 

Phil O'Rourke
Tenor Washboard

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