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Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Mon Nov 6 08:50:45 PST 2006

I'm not familiar with the "American Song Book"  Is this a gig book or a commonly
known list of tunes?

Russ Guarino

Steve Barbone wrote:

> "Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis" wrote (polite snips)
> > I think you should add the musicians themselves although it would come under
> > what killed live music.
> Careful now :-) VBG.
> > In the wedding trade the high end client is still there but the great middle
> > and low end is almost gone to the DJ's.  Funny thing, most of them cost more
> > than a band and they can afford mega bucks for advertising and full page ads
> > in the yellow pages which we just can't.
> Interesting point. I think it goes to the DJs because the bands/contractors
> have left those live venues where the prospective bride and groom go. The
> kids see a DJ and not a band and so they hire the DJ. Lack of advertising or
> band marketing also contributes.
> I find that our wedding gigs 10+ per year, come from live performances in
> venues where those few who actually do get married these days, go. I also
> find that we end up turning down the low end weddings that pay $100 per man
> for 4 hours. Basically because we can earn more, and don't wish to tie up,
> Saturday dates for that paltry sum.
> Mid range weddings are still relatively plentiful. ($2100-$3000) as are high
> end, but at the higher end, folks want Big Bands and Singers. Since we do
> Jazz weddings only, we do not accept the other stuff.
> Typical wedding inquiry below, from one who had not heard us but her friends
> had and recommended she call us. (received a year ago)
> ----
> Dear Mr. Barbone,
> "I am writing to ask if your jazz band plays at weddings.  If so, what kind
> of jazz do you play?  I must admit that I don't know much about jazz, but I
> do like West Coast jazz (Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, etc.).  I am not having
> dancing at my wedding reception, but I would like to have music.  Therefore,
> I am looking for a jazz band that will play West Coast jazz which will set a
> lush and romantic mood as our guests eat and spend time together.  My
> wedding will be on June 2, 2007.  Please let me know if you are even
> available on that date.  Finally, how much do you charge for playing for
> about 4-5 hours?"
> "I look forward to hearing from you."
> ----
> We actually did this one, last Feb, as a quintet, American Songbook, 5
> hours, $500 a man. Played soft, romantic jazz, love songs, adding some
> Dixieland. Bride and attendees loved our "West Coast Jazz" sound. Now, nine
> months later, they still write to tell us that guests are still talking
> about how great the music was.
> Like I posted previously, most of the folks in the USA have no idea what
> jazz is, whether the music is good or not, and what the various styles are.
> And so I post this, not to brag, but to remove any doubts competent jazz
> bands may have about supplying music for a wedding.
> HINT: In your website, add a sentence at the top of your schedule page about
> your band being the best wedding band in the St Louis area. Soon, your
> website will automatically come up when someone googles for "Wedding Bands +
> St Louis" and you will start getting calls for weddings.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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