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Sat Nov 4 08:56:16 PST 2006

Russ, maybe someone read a date as a time signature.  LOL .   I found a 
website with a category called odd time signatures, but he does not  have this one.
The most helpful thing ever said to me about time signatures was from a  
talented choral director who in this case was directing a pit orchestra for a  
musical.  He said, "A musician never has to count higher than three.   Just break 
every time signature down into twos or threes."  (In that way  you get the 
pulse, plus if someone has a stick, a clue about when to look for  1)
If I was sight reading and 7/21 did not appear as the date, but indeed the  
time signature, I would assume 3 beats to the measure and a drunk waltzer, make 
 some noise, and wait for the train wreck and guidance from someone who takes 
 charge and says, "Do it this way."  but I have no skill at sitting back for  
very long.  In that case I would just make up how to do it myself and  
announce grandly to the audience that they were hearing us play in 7/21  time.
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russg at redshift.com writes:

To my  many musico friends,

I know I must be the dumbest member of the music  fraternity, but I must
ask what is an 8/21 time signature?

8 beats  per measure.

1/21 gets the beat.  What is 1/21?

One flag is  an 8th note
two flags is a 16th note
three flags is a 32nd  note

two flags and a little spit is a 21st note?

Russ  Guarino
Clarinet maven, but shaky on 8/21 time  signatures.

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