[Dixielandjazz] What Turns The Younger Audiences On?

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Hi Ginny:  lol ,  nope most raging hormone crazed young boys never 
listened to reason or much of anything else, as we all learned later in 
life when we had our own teenagers.   We just followed the bouncing 
boobs, and certainly did not do much of  our thinking with our Brains 
which we later learned were actually in our heads far from where we 
believed or at least "felt"  them to be.

Not laughing at all about Elvis, twas true and he was, just as our 
parents said the utter downfall of American Teens and all future 
morality, "whatever that is " was or should be :))    I worked a long 
time to get that wiggle down, and it helped a many young aspiring rock 
and roller climb the popularity ladder and get better paying work.   
Nope it was not about the Music most of the time.



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       Well, duh, Tom haven't you been listening when we tell you that 
you never listen?  Betcha' the gals knew all the lyrics all along.  Go 
ahead and laugh at this next.  My first reaction to my first hearing of 
Elvis on "Heartbreak Hotel" was, what did he say?  Then I saw him on Ed 
Sullivan and what he said/sang mattered far less.
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 I am
only now at my advancing age starting to listen to the lyrics of all
the rock tunes I grew up on, I had no idea what they were all those
years I played them.   Some of them actually made sense,  too bad
nobody our age was listening to them in those days,  we too were too
busy dancing and having a good time.


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