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BillSargentDrums at aol.com at BillSargentDrums at aol.com wrote:
Larry in St. Louis said:

<<I think you are right Pat.  I played a gig last weekend for a Family
/ company picnic and there was a real mix of people there from little kids
to people in their 80's.  It was the young kids, mostly girls, in the 12-13
year old group that came by and told us how much they liked our music.  Is
that an indication?  Well it was a  small group and isn't a random sampling
but we get this reaction from that age group more than older listeners
coming up.  They seemed to be enthusiastic.>>

That's the message Steve Barbone has been trying to get across to us for a
few years now.

The best receptions our bands have received have been at a high school and a

Amen Bill:

And it's not just kids. It is all sorts of people in the mass audience
category. Many have never heard "jazz", much less Dixieland.

Case in point. Last week we did a fund raiser for a Synagogue.  At a well to
do Doctor's home on the Philadelphia main line. Small group of people (40)
who paid big money to hear us for a 3 hour concert. Except for the Doctor,
his wife and the Rabbi, none were what you would call jazz fans. Theme was
Mardi Gras. Food was Po Boys etc. Beads, etc.

Young married couple come up and compliments us. Wife says "He twisted my
arm to come. I didn't want to because it was jazz. (referring to smooth
jazz) Wow, I never heard jazz like this before. It's wonderful. Can we have
your schedule", etc., etc., etc."

The Rabbi requested "Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll". Doctor
requested "High Society." and "Just A Closer Walk", complete with vocal. I
offered to substitute the word Lord for Jesus, but he said sing it the way
it was written. :-) VBG

The audience sat transfixed, clapped for everything, ensembles, solos,
vocals, up close and personal.  Some got up and danced. It was like a
private recital for aficionados. Yet few had ever heard Dixieland before.

Booked two more private gigs from that small group. One a "Great Gatsby"
party as a surprise birthday for a women turning 40 in August. 75 people
invited. Again, on the Main Line, where the folks with money, who still
throw parties, live. 50 years ago, this would have been a Lester Lanin
"Dixieland" gig.

Age range from 25 to 65. They are the untapped audience, just waiting for
somebody to play some tuneful music. There are millions like them out there,
near all of us except Don Ingle who lives in the woods with bears. :-) VBG

I quit posting stuff like this, or like our fund raiser for Our Lady of Good
Counsel ( Carnival in Catholic Church Parking Lot) the week before because
some on the list complain that it is bragging and list mates are not
interested in this sort of thing. At that gig folks from 5 to 85 had a ball
with us, including the Monsignor.

Like shoot the messenger cause you don't like his attitude. :-) VBG  But
gigs like these are happening all over the USA with Dixieland bands you
never heard of.  Some pros and some amateurs. Most making good money at it.
It is where real world Dixieland lives.

Hear the message . . . carpe diem.

Steve Barbone

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