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Steve, since the early 50's people (musicians included) have been telling me that dixieland is dead....the audience is getting older......in 10 or 20 years they'll all be gone, etc., etc., etc.    Well, who are all those people at the jazz festivals?  True, there's not a dixie band in every bar and club, but there are still a lot of aficianodos around.  Also it seems that most of the gigs are outdoors now.  I don't really like outdoors....I like air conditioning......getting old, I guess.  Wait, I think that boat has already sailed!  But when you and I are both gone, dixieland will still be here.
Pat Cooke

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Noted on Ron Gable's website. Ron is an activist promoter of all genres of
jazz in the Dayton Ohio area. Don't tell him jazz is dead.


Steve Barbone 

Editor Comments: 

Wednesday (6/21) - Stubbs Park Band Shell; Miami Valley Jazz Camp annual
midweek concert.  Thursday (6/22) - Jazz Central Lounge; Scott Belcks
going-away party jam.  Friday (6/23) - Centerville High Schools auditorium;
the Miami Valley Jazz Summer Camp Student Concert.  Saturday (6/24) -
Veterans Park Amphitheater (Springfield); the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
Sunday (6/25) - Dave Hall Plaza; Women in Jazz Fest.  Sunday (6/25 almost
twelve hours of jazz) - Jazz Central; Women in Jazz After Party.  I took
close to 180 pictures in a five day period and some idiots maintain jazz is
a dying art form; my biggest problem is I can't be more than one place at a
time.  Jazz is definitely on the rise and some day the commercial media will
figure it out and I'll no longer have a lock on all the fun.


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