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I think you are right Pat.  I played a gig last weekend for a Family reunion 
/ company picnic and there was a real mix of people there from little kids 
to people in their 80's.  It was the young kids, mostly girls, in the 12-13 
year old group that came by and told us how much they liked our music.  Is 
that an indication?  Well it was a  small group and isn't a random sampling 
but we get this reaction from that age group more than older listeners 
coming up.  They seemed to be enthusiastic.
St. Louis.
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> Steve, since the early 50's people (musicians included) have been telling 
> me that dixieland is dead....the audience is getting older......in 10 or 
> 20 years they'll all be gone, etc., etc., etc.    Well, who are all those 
> people at the jazz festivals?  True, there's not a dixie band in every bar 
> and club, but there are still a lot of aficianodos around.  Also it seems 
> that most of the gigs are outdoors now.  I don't really like outdoors....I 
> like air conditioning......getting old, I guess.  Wait, I think that boat 
> has already sailed!  But when you and I are both gone, dixieland will 
> still be here.
> Pat Cooke

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