[Dixielandjazz] Instrument Preferences

Ivan Huke ivan.huke at onetel.com
Tue Jun 13 02:57:00 PDT 2006

All the recent talk about the Yamaha trombone makes me wonder what other brass instruments list-members prefer.

I tried a Getzen Eterna cornet at Werlein's in New Orleans way back in 1992 and thought it was wonderful, though I didn't buy it. I played a Yamaha Maestro cornet for years and that was very good too. Recently I gave the Yamaha to my grandson and purchased a 33-year-old Getzen Eterna I happened to find when on holiday in Yorkshire. It is terrific and now my main instrument. I have also bought the new Getzen Custom cornet and that is very good too, though I think the Eterna is better for OKOM.


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