[Dixielandjazz] Re: Now here is a gig for a Hot Clarinet player

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Why Bill  ?  :

They are just adapting it to their audiences,  Red Neck Symphonies with 
an audience of pretty Sallie Maes in short short shorts and Hooters 
halter tops,    and Rock Orchestras,  and if a few of those young 
Hotties show up at Traditional Jazz fests in the next ten years us old 
codgers will have even more appreciation for the Music.   Especially if 
they all start jumping up and down for JOY AT EACH SOLO. :))

Heck they might even charge the batteries in our electric wheel chairs, 

Are ye trellin' me that if the Dixie Chicks did their style of 
Dixieland Naked  or near naked you would not like it :))  Naw both your 
eyes would be wide open and while you might not buy the Cd you would 
vote for em in whatever contest they entered. :))


Tom Wiggins

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   [Snipped] > Holy Cow Bill............I would have thought you of
all me mates would have simply hated these guys. Sorry I second
guessed your one eyedness.............. let us all take a deep breath 
give acts like these kids and the Dixie Chicks and Bruce Springsteen and
Harry Connick Jr. all the space they need to find themselves within the

Now hold on thar me ole Tommy-baby!
I'm still one-eyed enough to not accept what the Dixie Chicks, Bruce
Springsteen and Harry Connick Jr are currently doing to MKOM.
That would be taking my tolerance TOO far.
Bill (ducking for cover).

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