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Hey Bud,  glad to see you playing with the Big Boys at a MAJOR Jazz Festival.
See  paragraph 4 for your mention.

Yeah..we're trying to keep the faith in front of new jazz fans.   We are 
scheduled to play from 3:00 - 5-00 PM on the Mary Jemison  riverboat.  This is not 
your big old Mississippi type paddlewheeler, but  reminiscent of the Erie 
Canal heydays...so you will be packed in  sardine-tight  (Be sure to apply extra 
under arm.)  We played there  last year on Gibbs Street for three nights set 
up right in front of the Eastman  Theatre.  Naturally, we posed for pictures in 
front of the gilt-lettered  building marque and now proudly say we played at 
the Eastman.  The best of  all was that we played to standing ovations....not 
that surprising, there  were no seats for patrons.  They were out there 
dancing and carrying on..in  the street.  On our first night they had neglected to 
shut off the street  to vehicular traffic and the cops had to come out and 
block it off  impromptu.  That helped the festival folks in their learning  
process...this year the street is blocked off for the entire festival.
In their expansion of the festival to other out-reaching venues...we are  
located as far away from the other bands as possible...hum..I wonder if that was  
coincidence?  Anyone in town for the festival is advised to show up at the  
Corn Hill Landing at 2:00 PM.  That way you can become an official band  
groupie and help us load gear onboard AND be early in line.  We may even  start 
early to serenade the folks waiting in line. The admission is free, but  first 
come..first served.  Corn Hill Landing is on Exchange Street south of  Main which 
is the first light on Main west of the Genesee River.  It's a  good mile hike 
from Gibbs Street, but Rochester has finally replaced those  gravel horse 
paths with cement sidewalks.  If you're staying at any of the  major downtown 
hotels, it's just a nice stroll away.  We're very proud of  our 30-somethings in 
the front line and on piano and look forward to a grand  time.  

Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers Jazz Band
'we ain't just  whistlin' dixie!"
585-415-3985  Cell

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