[Dixielandjazz] Re. Sacramento Jubilee (billsharp)

Nancy Giffin NANCYink at surewest.net
Fri Jun 2 00:18:53 PDT 2006

Dear Bill S. and all the many good people on this list,

Perhaps there isn¹t much discussion about Jubilee because the same old
arguments resurface every year and list mates may find them, as you say,

Everyone has their opinions on how the festival ought to be run and who
should be hired ‹ we¹re all entitled to our opinion ‹ but let¹s not deny
that this is a really great festival with plenty of trad to be heard. Even
if trad has become but one portion of the festival rather than the entire
festival, it¹s a portion of a VERY BIG PIE relative to other trad festivals.
If people love this music as much as they claim to, they should comment on
what¹s good (the majority), not on what they don¹t like. It perplexes me
that ³traddies² would scrunch their nose and pull their support from Jubilee
just because it only offers, oh say, twice as much trad as they can see in a
weekend rather than four or five times as much. Either way, there¹s a ton of
music to hear in Sac! Sure, you can stay home, nit-pick it, refuse to
understand that Jubilee is evolving (thereby introducing trad to younger
crowds who initially came to hear Blues). Yes, you can be ³right² if that¹s
your ³thing,² but it¹s the music that will suffer in the long run. Why bite
off your nose...?

I believe Sac has done a fair job of satisfying the masses, and contrary to
Bill, I saw plenty of crowds -- just not necessarily at the trad sets. My
own musical preference falls within the narrow end of the Bell Curve,
therefore I am extremely thankful that the Jubilee offers a proportionate
amount of MKOM. Meanwhile, I appreciate that the planners also cater to
those within the belly of the Bell Curve (also in proportionate amounts), to
keep everyone happy and the festival afloat.

Does the festival really ³belong² to anyone? (Does a child ³belong² to its
parents?) Or does it assume a life of its own, however displeasing to the
founders or early caregivers?

As for guest artists, I enjoy these players because they have sacrificed a
great deal to devote themselves to a career in jazz music, and I believe
they earn every penny above and beyond any semi-pros with steady ³day gigs²
that offer health care and retirement plans. To hire these dedicated,
quality players is, in my humble opinion, good for the preservation of jazz
as the art form it is, even if these players are not the big-draw ³bread and
butter² of a festival. (I could elaborate but don¹t believe most on this
list care to hear about it.)

³Entertainment² looks, sounds, and feels different to each individual. At
Jubilee, there was way too much for me to cover in four days. I was all over
the place, taking hundreds of pictures of thousands of people. I HAD A
BLAST! I agree with one musician¹s comment: ³If you¹re not having a good
time at this festival, it¹s your own damn fault.²

With our numbers dwindling, we can¹t afford to be divided or intolerant of
any small difference of opinions. What¹s the Big Picture? Let¹s focus on our
similarities and maintain a united front in support of jazz and jazz
festivals across the country. Please keep criticism constructive and in
perspective. You can persuade or dissuade others on this list with regard to
attending a certain festival, so bear in mind what is best for the
preservation of OKOM. And... if you look in the garbage can, don¹t expect to
see anything but garbage. There is so much good stuff to see! May your eyes
be wide open, your chin up, and may you find whatever entertains you. Then
tell us all about it!

Love and hugs,

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