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I want to add to my brother Joe Hopkins' post that I attended a number of sets where there were no empty seats and one had to get a pass to go to the bathroom, if one expected to get back into the room.
I thought the crowds were good-sized, overall.  The shuttle buses were always packed.
I saw many bands that I thoroughly enjoyed, although I was struck by how many local bands (some wonderful) were in attendance.  I understand the economics of putting on a festival.  I'm eager to hear how this festival fared.
-Rae Ann

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> My sister (Rae Ann) and I have attended every Jubilee since 1980. We attend  
> all 4.5 days and hear as many bands as we can. My reaction to this years  
> festival was a little different from others who have posted so far. 
> But, there were many local bands who should not have been invited but  
> probably were hired in order to save money. 
> The crowds were large in many venues and I suspect the festival did OK  
> financially....maybe Bob Ringwald can let us know. 
> Several venues were completely full with standing room only......examples  
> are:  Cornet Chop Suey, Sister Swing, Midiri Brothers, Mighty  Aphrodite, 
> Bonerama, and the swing dance competition that had 500 jazz fans  watching ten 
> couples compete.
> I observed very respectable attendance at venues with Reynolds Brothers  
> Rhythm Rascals, Climax Jazz Band, Boondockers, Royal Garden Trio, Igor's Jazz  
> Cowboys and the Cell Block Seven. 
> Every time Bob Draga sits in with a featured band a large crowd turns out  to 
> hear/see him. 
> Many other bands I heard had very poor attendance...I would rather not name  
> them ( I have good friends in many of these bands).
> Overall we were surprised by the large collection of mediocre bands this  
> year. 
> "We are  confronted with insurmountable opportunities"....Pogo
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