[Dixielandjazz] Flaming sousaphone

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Thu Jun 1 18:40:00 PDT 2006

I wrote Dave -- or, should I say, Tubatron -- that his flaming tuba 
video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd_gvR06j6s) had made the rounds 
on the DJML.  He informs me that :

1) [The clip was] Filmed at an event called Xara Dulzura - a Burning Man 
related event SE of San Diego. On April 29th
2) Dancers: Sarah and Joanna first (sexy babes) then Lou and Josh (manly 
men). All part of Phoenix Projekt, a fire performance group I'm in. 
Started by my old girlfriend, Anna Maltese, a fire dancer and Simpsons 
3) [The music is by] Max Raabe, a German singer who does 20s German 
carberet stylings. There's stuff of his on iTunes. DID YOU KNOW -- the 
song is an old Louis Armstrong tune?? Go to: 
4) I have and am wearing them big boots, Brown Eyes. Watch my exit! 
5) I practice to your playing. So I STILL wanna play like you. 
6) Phoenix Projekt diss group at: 


That's all I got!

Anyway, I figured that you were all starving for insight on the flaming 
tuba clip.

All the best, Gary

Gary Kiser
63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
Clermont-Ferrand, France


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