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Jerry Gordon jerrygordon at juno.com
Thu Jun 1 13:59:12 PDT 2006

Hey, guys, how about we stop picking on poor old Steve? (Well, forget the
"poor." And maybe "age-impaired" is more PC than "old.") 

But seriously, folks, if you actually conversed with him in person, you
would realize that he really is a nice guy. As a musician, he is very
popular and successful in his geographic area, and he has known and
played with many famous and not-so-famous jazz musicians over the last 50
or so years. He has learned much from the success of both his music and
corporate careers, and his intentions vis-a-vis his discourses on the
DJML are simply to impart some of his knowledge to any of us who choose
to listen and, where appropriate, learn. I don't think he considers
himself "better than the rest of us." I think he considers that he may
have something to say that others could benefit from.

It is no doubt true that some of us may be equally or even more
experienced and/or knowledgable, and therefore have nothing to learn from
him. That's what the "delete" key is for. (But if you're in this group,
then maybe you, too, should share some of your wisdom.)

For all the plusses of email as a means of communication, one of it's
minuses is its inability to adequately convey the smiles and intonations
that often take the "sting" out of verbal communications. ;) doesn't
always do it. So sometimes he may come off as arrogant or pompous. Well,
it happens.

Read what he has to say, or don't; that's your choice. But let's stop the
personal attacks, ok? Or if you really must, take it off-list.

Jerry Gordon, Troy, NY - Webmaster for

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> Mike -- What do you mean by SOMETIMES and MANY TIMES?   I suggest 
> Bob Newman
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> > Because, Steve, you sometimes come off as an arrogant 
> know-it-all.
> > Because, Steve, you sometimes come off as completely pompous.
> > Because Steve, many times you come off as thinking you are better 
> than the
> > rest of us.
> > Just my two cents from lurking for the past couple of months.
> > Mike Vax

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