[Dixielandjazz] a short story with some minor augmentations....

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Thu Sep 29 13:17:55 PDT 2005

>From Ron Deeter, great clarinet player and jokester!

Subject: a short story with some minor augmentations....

> hope this hasn't been around it is cute....clean too!!!!
> Ron
> --------------------------------
> a story with some minor augmentations....................
> A C, an E-flat, and a G go into a bar. The bartender says: "Sorry, but 
> we don't serve minors." So the E-flat leaves, and the C and the G have an
> open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished and
> the G is out flat. An F comes in and tries to  augment the situation, but
> is not sharp enough.
> A D comes into the bar  and heads straight for the bathroom saying,
> "Excuse me. I'll just be a  second." Then an A comes into the bar, but
> the bartender is not convinced  that this relative of C is not a minor.
> Then the bartender notices a B-flat  hiding at the end of the bar and
> exclaims, "Get out now. You're the seventh  minor I've found in this bar
> tonight."
>  The E-flat, not easily  deflated, comes back to the bar the next night
> in a 3-piece suit with nicely  shined shoes. The bartender (who used to 
> have a nice corporate job until his  company downsized) says, "You're 
> looking sharp tonight, come on in! This  could be a major development." 
> This proves to be the case, as the E-flat  takes off the suit, and
> everything else, and stands there au  natural.
>  Eventually, the C sobers up, and realizes in horror that he's  under a 
> rest. The C is brought to trial, is found guilty of contributing to  the
> diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of DS without  Coda
> at an upscale correctional facility. On appeal, however, the C  is  found
> innocent of any wrongdoing, even accidental, and that all  accusations to
> the contrary are bassless.
> The bartender decides,  however, that since he's only had tenor so
> patrons, with the soprano out in  the bathroom, and everything has become
> altoo much treble, he needs a rest,  and closes the bar.
> ------
> personaly  I'm surprised no one had a tonic or a root beer....
> Ron

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