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There  was one very "clever" version of a tuba that was made in a few 
examples in  the 1930s - a bell front, very tall & skinny tuba held in a 
rack that  could be played while standing up - the idea was t have it 
next to your  string bass and be able to quickly move over to play tuba.

I have seen  one in a museum and one "in the field" - not a great idea 
in the long  run...

A friend of mine Frank Harrison had one he used regularly back in the  1970s. 
 Frank came from Detroit and was on the road a lot.  He is on  the Surfside 6 
Album made with Wild Bill Davison from that era.  Frank came  to Rochester 
with Wild Bill one time and while here, came with our band to play  at a private 
party.  He brought that standup recording bell tuba and said  it had been 
originally built custom order for Paul Whiteman's band.  
I think I heard recently that Vince Giordano now has the horn, however, I  
couldn't be sure.  Perhaps someone close to Vince could check that out,  
although I never saw him use it in the Charlie_O's gig which was broadcast with  
streaming video.
PS..if anyone wants that LP album, I have converted it to a CD and it can  be 
had for a modest price.  Contact me offline.  


Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers JB
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