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The principle here is the same as with traffic laws.  You can drive 120 mph
down the highway as long as there isn't a cop around.  You can do it every
day of the week but the longer you do it the more odds on that you will get
caught.  Then you have to pass a cop that decides that it's worth while to
stop you.  Well he will if you are gong 120 in a 70 mph zone but he may not
if you are only doing 80.  This guy may be only doing 79 in  the great
scheme of things and maybe he's just too small to go chase.  That doesn't
make it right but many people live on the outside edge of the law.
Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> Would someone kindly explain to me about big band charts on  Ebay.  I
> that they are xerox copies?  Aren't all those  arrangements copyrighted?
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