[Dixielandjazz] Preservation Hall

Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Wed Sep 28 01:56:29 PDT 2005

India?  I wonder if there is OKOM work in Tierra Del Fuego?

The Red Cross or the Salvation Army are good places to donate.

Russ Guarino

Elazar Brandt wrote:

> Shalom Jazz Fans,
> I am back home after almost 2 months abroad for work in India and for my
> daughter's wedding in Los Angeles. Now that I am back in Jerusalem, I am hoping
> to get local jazz musicians together to do a benefit show for New Orleans. If
> anyone has any idea where we could place maybe $1000 or so that we might be able
> to raise where it will be put to good use, we are open to suggestions.
> Speaking as one who lives where tourism has been disrupted for the past several
> years and who feels the effects on our economy, I second Steve Barbone's point
> about the tourists needing to return to New Orleans. I wish I could get there
> myself. But believe me, if you want to do something that will help, watch the
> news for when they re-open, and then go there and spend money! It's better than
> giving charity. Most people don't want charity. They need to work.
> Happy New Year to my landsmen on the list,
> Elazar
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> > Preservation Hall and almost all the other joints in the virtually undamaged
> > French Quarter are now closed. BUT they will undoubtedly re-open when the
> > TOURISTS start coming back to New Orleans.
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