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Hi All.,

At 2005-09-25 04:01, David W. Littlefield wrote:
>I've checked my CD catalogs and Rust's JR, and can't determine when
>or how. "Hindustan" came into the Dixieland repertoire, let alone why it
>became a standard. Rust lists only 1 1920's record, by Ben Bernie in 1928
>(It's on the Jack Pettis CD). In the 30s, the Bob Crosby Orchestra.

In my Rust, 5th edition, Hindustan is also listed 
as a recording of Dan and Harvey's Jazz Band, 
London, late April 1919. The is recording is on 
the CD "The Original Dixieland Jazz Band In 
England" , Jazz Time 36. From about 1990 I think. 
What they play is the real Hindustan, including the verse.
The line-up is rather unknow: Dan Kildare-p/ ?vn/ ?bj/ ?d.

Another old one is from the Savoy Quartet, May 29, 1919, Hayes, Middlesex.
Joe Wilbur-bj/ Emil Grimshaw-bj/ Claude Ivy-p/ Alec Williams-d.
I don't have this recording.

According to the listings of Rust, it could be 
that Hindustan came from England to the USA.

>It was recorded a couple of times each by Condon and Wilber De Paris in the
>50s. Were those records generally influential?
>This is an interesting aspect (IMO) of the history of our music. We can
>often pinpoint possible influences--eg Armstrong and Noone for "When you're
>smiling" and many other pop tunes, Goodman's Trio and Quartet, etc. I
>suppose some tunes came in due to frequent performance in the NY clubs
>during the 40s and 50s...

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