[Dixielandjazz] Where was the jazz?

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Here's another story about the Robert E. Lee which is a riverboat that was
located in St. Louis.  The restaurant had fallen on hard times and the
exterior of the boat needed a good coat of paint.  The owner lost his lease
on the levy.  Rather than re negotiate the lease with the city the owner
decides to move the boat to Kimswick Mo which is a few miles south of the
city and is quaint, has an apple butter festival among other things but in
general is pretty much of a backwater artsy craftsy place.

 It gets better.  The new owner who is a multi millionaire having made his
money in bulk sorting mail for companies went brain dead.  Against the Coast
Guard's explicit prohibition he moved it anyway.  This did not make the CG
happy campers and that issue is still up in the air.

So, new owner opens his new restaurant in a place where people don't
congregate.  He was approached by my cornet player about putting in a Dixie
band.  The new owner continuing to be brain dead decided that bluegrass and
rock and roll fitted the image of the Robert E. Lee much closer. (HUH!!!)

The upshot is that new owner isn't a multi millionaire any more and If
anyone wants a river boat I think it's for sale cheap.  The coast Guard when
they confiscate it will probably let it go for a couple of bucks to anyone
who has the million and a half or two that it would take to relocate it.

Maybe the next owner will try OKOM.
Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> All the other clubs on the main drag in the French
> Quarter had screaming guitars and pounding drums. >>
> Hi there,
>  I found the same thing. The only jazz was in a hotel for Sunday brunch
> which we were able to attend because we fell in with a Ken Colyer tour
> the UK and I knew one of them from  a jazz club at home.
> In fact had we not met the Ken Colyer group we would have departed NO as
> wife was scared stiff by the police insisting that we were passed from
> street corner to street corner under police protection all the way from
> Bourbon St to our hotel.
> Twenty years before that there was jazz in every bar, kids buck and
> in the streets. It was still pretty wild but one didn`t feel threatened.
> Cheers
> Pat
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