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NO trumpet player, IMHO as a trumpet player, ever played like Al Hirt! I 
heard him in person at "The Cloisters" in Hollywood in 1961...several 
times.....I as sitting about 10 feet away from that bell of his trumpet, and 
couldn't believe my ears! That was about the time he was appearing on the 
Dinah Shore Chevrolet TV show. (See the USA, in your Chevrolet!)
I still have about 6 of his LPs stacked away. If I listen to them now, I'll 
never want to pick up my horn again...
Warm regards,
Bob Romans,
Cell Block 7 Jazz Band
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Because I play trumpet, I envy no one.

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> Following the previous posts regarding Al Hirt, I put up a quickie web 
> page
> where you can hear an mp3 of "Memories Of You" off his "Horn A Plenty"
> album, since I talked about this track. If you don't like this, you don't
> like Al Hirt. There's also a jpeg taken off the album cover.
> You can either L click and it will download to whatever default location
> your system is set to or you can R click and specify where it's loaded.
> Dialup users, be advised it's over 5 megs so patience is required.
> http://home.mpinet.net/~docsavage20/memories/memories.html
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