[Dixielandjazz] brass band from New Orleans re-unites in Phoenix

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Sat Sep 17 12:21:31 PDT 2005

Hi Jazz Fans,
The New Orleans hurricane has left hundreds of musicians temporarily  
homeless, broke, and with no instruments.   One particular band, the  Treme Brass 
Band, previously one of the big three 2nd line brass bands  in New Orleans has 
been scattered to numerous states, shelters.    Several of us have taken the 
band under our wing, and they are in the process of  temporarily relocating to 
the Phoenix valley.    
As of this morning, it looks like 8 of the 9 piece band will be  arriving by 
late Saturday  (one you may have read about is already  here...Kid Merv).   
Bart SaltzmanI happened to have an acquaintance  from Tempe who was in 
Mississippi for the week helping in the cleanup in Biloxi  with a crew from Az, and he 
has agreed to rent a van and pick up  five of the scattered, displaced 
musicians that he have been able to locate, and  bring them back to Arizona.   A 
church in Scottsdale has a  team of volunteers who stepped up to the plate, and 
has prepared a vacant 3  bedroom home for them for several months use. They are 
also  providing an entire wardrobe of clothes for all of them, and  food.   
We have managed to get loaner instruments for all of them. 
The needs were as follows (professional quality):
2 trombones
2 tenor saxes   
snare drum (deep kit style..no hardward as strap on to march)
bass drum (22-24inch) (light as they put on a harness and march with  it)
sousaphone (may have fiber glass loaner..but need brass horn).
2 trumpets

We have several gigs lined up for them already, and big performances  planned 
in locations such as the Chandler Center for the Arts, The Scottsdale  
Center, and others, they have no instruments. 
I believe the disaster relief funds will eventually come through with funds  
for them to purchase replacement instruments, but that is a slow, painful  
These guys are for real, they have been checked out with Irvin  Mayfield and 
Irvin's management team, and they are "good guys" and a great 2nd  line band.  
What an opportunity to bring a bit of the New Orleans  legacy to the valley, 
on a temporary basis, and have them share the  traditions of New Orleans music 
with us.
Note, you may not know what a 2nd line band is...check out 
_www.rebirthbrassband.com_ (http://www.rebirthbrassband.com/)  for an  education.   Note several 
of the Treme band members have also  performed with Rebirth and the Dirty 
Dozen Band, too.
Bart Saltzman can be reached on 480-786-4424
If any of you can provide gigs for these guys contact me.....
Joe  Hopkins
AZ Classic Jazz Society Vice-President
AZ Classsic Jazz Festival  Co-Director
Jazz Clarinet...52nd Street Jazz Band 602-810-5888 or  480-396-6798
_www.azclassicjazz.org_ (http://www.azaclassicjazz.org/) 

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