[Dixielandjazz] "Way down yonder in New Orleans" lyrics

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Sat Sep 3 07:07:08 PDT 2005

One of the last things New Orleans drummer and historian Sue Fisher did
last Saturday before leaving NO to escape the storm was obtain and eMail me
the original 1922 sheet music.

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
1.   Guess!|| Where do you   think I'm goin' when the
    winds start blowin'   strong?//|  
Guess! || Where do you   think I'm goin' when the
   nights start growin'   long?// I 
Ain't goin' east, I   ain't goin' west,  I
    ain't goin' over the   cuck-oo's nest. I'm 
Bound for the town that   I love best, where
   life is one sweet   song.//| 

2.   Guess! ||What do you think    I'm thinkin' when you
   think I'm thinkin'   wrong?//| 
Guess!|| What do you   think I'm thinkin' when I'm
   thinkin' all night   long?// I 
Ain't think'in this, I   ain't thinkin' that, I
   cannot be thinkin' a-   bout your hat, my
Heart does not start to   pit-a-pat, un-   less I hear this   song.//|

Way down yonder in   New Orleans,/  |in the land of   dreamy scenes./
| There's a garden of    E-/den,/   | that's what I    mean.///
**Creole babies with   flashing eyes,/
   |softly whisper with   tender sighs/
Stop!| oh won't you   give your lady    fair./ a little   smile.///
Stop!| you bet your   life you'll linger    there/ a little   while.///
There is heaven right   here on earth,|  with those beautiful   queens.///
Way down yonder in   New/ Or-/   leans.///   /|||

Orange blossoms'   sweet aroma   and the strains of   La Paloma.
|Seem to throw me in-   to a coma   |when the shadows   Play.// A-
Gain I see a   peacherino.   | dance the you know    what I mean--o
| She could shake a mean   tambourino,
   so I hear the folks   say./ But when those [To **Creole babies...] 

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