[Dixielandjazz] Blacks don't play Dixieland Music

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Fri Sep 2 21:27:52 PDT 2005

  For all those who have previously posted on this great list that Black 
Americans do not play Dixieland music, I sincerely hope you are tuned 
in to the big Katrina Hurricane Concert being broadcast tonight on MSN 
at least on the West Coast of the USA.

  I just saw Harry Connick Jr. and bunch of Hot playing brothers on the 
front line led by the guy many of us love to hate, Wynton Marsallis, 
blowing their collective asses off to raise awareness about this crisis 
and OKOM at the same time.

  Please my friends let me never hear such words on this fine list 
again, These folks gave us this music admit it and respect it, it is 
the very least we can do.

  Watching the newscasts it is easy to see how and why the music and the 
money was easily taken form many of them, and especially because so 
much o fit was simply given freely in the spirit of camaraderie and 
musicianship brotherhood or at least they believed.

As we watch this unfolding tragedy, let us all take a moment to reflect 
and thank those Black American musicians for giving us America's Only 
Contribution to World Culture.  And may we do whatever it takes to 
restore New Orleans to it's prominence in American History.  And maybe 
just maybe we can do a better job of it the second time.

It is indeed a sad week in our history and an even greater revelation 
of atrocities that have been swept under the rug for decades in our 
country which led to the allowance of a situation like this to happen 
and not be addressed in a more timely manner.

It sure did not take this long to get help and aid to Florida during 
the past two major Hurricanes.

Our leaders talk the talk but rarely walk the walk.

Hurricane Camile went right through my city namesake  of Wiggins, 
Mississippi wiping out most of the city, this time I don't think there 
is a city left, much less the fire trucks and police cars and banks, 
churches, moose lodge and kidney center bearing my  family name.  
Thankfully I have the photographs from my last trip through there.


Tom Wiggins

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