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The  foreign news about the tradgedy along the Gulf of Mexico seems to  be
hitting hard on the fact that very little seemed to happen to help  those
poor people during the last 4 days.  If that news is just not  slanted, then
it is quite unconceivable that aid couldn't have begun to  move more quickly.

Actually, this slant is closer to the truth than we white folk will want to  
admit.  When the Mayor of NO issued an "order" to evacuate the city prior  to 
the hurricane's landfall, she did not plan for the poorest and most  
vulnerable slice of society by arranging for the buses and ambulances to haul  them out 
at the same time.  Demographicaly, white folk are not the majority  of the 
poorest of our society.  So when the mayor sent out the  evacuation notice, I'm 
guessing the majority of cars heading out were white  folk.  They lost 
everything too, but they stand the best chance of  integrating themselves into other 
areas of the country and rebuilding their  lives with time.  We can easily 
blame the people who stayed, for  dragging their heels and not moving out and 
therefore subject to their own  fickleness, but if they have no car, no money, 
and no idea where to  go or be accepted, what could we have expected?  
The discussion is just starting to open on why  the Department of  Homeland 
Security wasn't more prepared to deal with the situation.  FEMA is  being 
phased out to be taken over by DHS, but that is the only governmental  agency that 
has the experience necessary to deal with rescue and clean up AFTER  a 
disaster.  DHS is supposed to have the responsibility for anticipating  problems and 
developing contingency plans.  The possibility of this  happening was obvious 
once Katrina exited Florida on its northwesternly  path.  The vulnerability of 
the Gulf region (especially New  Orleans) has been well known for decades.  
It was obvious to me when I  visited New Orleans and watched boats on the 
Mississippi floating  along higher than many buildings.  I think expecting DHS to 
do a  better job than FEMA after a disaster is foolhardy.  The debate will be  
intense on this one and could become the death knell to the present party in  
I  interpret the foreign coverage to be honest reporting of the  sad dilemma 
we have created.
Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers Jazz Band
"...we ain't just  whistlling dixie!"

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