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Mon Oct 31 07:03:09 PST 2005

Bill Gunter wrote:

> Hi listmates,
> I have an electric piano keyboard but I can't find the AC adapter for 
> the damn thing!
> It says it needs a 9 v, 50 mA (whatever that is) adapter.
> I have a 9 v, 300 mA adapter available that fits, but I'm reluctant to 
> try it because of the discrepancy between the mA (whatever that is) 
> information.
> Can anyone with the technical expertise in these matters advise me 
> whether or not I can use the 9v, 300 mA (whatever that is) adapter on 
> my 9v, 50 mA (whatever that is) input on my keyboard?
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Cheers,
> Bill "Whatever that is" Gunter
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Take hedd my son, Fr. Don issues this caveat:
Never -- repeat, never put something in that is larger than would will 
carry it -- electric of not.
You might find yourself with a blivey on your hands -- putting ten  
pounds of you know what in a five pound bag.
They put these little notices about miliAmps on for a reason. If it 
calls for a specific voltage, use nothng else.
My friend the late Joe Rushton was lovingly called "Blizzard Head."  If 
you continue your course of  ignoring printed
instructions, we may soon be calling you "Blivey Head."  ( My wife has 
called em a version of that for years, but not over
the same root cause!)
Saving you from yourself,  I remain,
Fr. Don Ingle (of the Church of perpetual leaf raking)

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