[Dixielandjazz] Technical help requested

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Sun Oct 30 13:59:34 PST 2005

Hello Bill,

50 mA = 0.05 amperes, and this means that you need an adapter supplying at 
least 50 mA. You have 300 mA =0.3 amperes, which means you have ample power 
to drive your keyboard.
One thing you must be careful of though is the polarity of the plug to the 
keyboard. If you're lucky it will be marked on both the keyboard and the 
adapter. If not, then you will have to use a voltmeter (these cost about $15 
at your local cheap tool mart), and find out whether the centre tap is + 
or - on the adapter. If the keyboard is not marked, then you will have to 
seek help at the web-site of the keyboard manufacturer, or maybe a list-mate 
can help if you post the maker's name and the model No.

Don't give up hope, we'll solve the problem somehow, and the only reward we 
claim is a recording of you playing the keyboard with one hand and 
accompanying yourself on the washboard with the other.


Bob Smith

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