[Dixielandjazz] Midnight in Moscow lyrics in English

Dick Baker box2 at twotonbaker.com
Sun Oct 30 05:45:11 PST 2005

For Dave Richoux regarding transcription of Russian:  There are no hard, 
fast rules about transcribing from the Cyrillic, but the first version you 
quoted is much better; the second simply has lots of mistakes.

For those who care, here's one version of the lyrics in English.  I got it 
from Cowboy Igor a few years back after hearing him do a great rendition of 
the song at some jazz festival.  Its source actually appears to be "A 
Russian Song Book" (Random House, 1962), with the translation by Jerry 
Silverman.  For artistic purposes, the night is singular in these lyrics, 
but the original title of the song, "Podmoskovnye vechera," translates as 
"Moscow Nights" (i.e., the romance lasted all season; it wasn't a one-night 
stand).  "Midnight in Moscow" appears to be a title created by Kenny Ball 
for his hit recording.

Stillness all around, not a rustling sound
Softly shines the moon clear and bright
Dear, if you could know how I treasure so
This most beautiful Moscow night.

Lazily the brook in a silvery stream
Ripples gently in the moonlight
And a song afar fades as in a dream
In the spell of this summer night.

Promise me my dear as the dawn appears
And the darkness fades into light
That you'll cherish, dear, through the passing years
This most beautiful Moscow night.

Dearest why so sad, why the downcast eyes
And your lovely head bent so low
Oh, it's hard to speak and yet not to speak
Of this longing my heart does know.

   Dick Baker - Falls Church, Virginia, USA
             box2 at twotonbaker.com

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