[Dixielandjazz] Wonder what is wrong with music in Schools to day ?

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Fri Oct 21 09:17:29 PDT 2005

In some defense of that music teacher.  I went to a College that is now 
a major university but they didn't have any jazz at all.  Another 
student introduced me to the mysteries of Chord symbols for example.  
They tried to dissuade me from playing in the dives across the river 
because it would spoil my appreciation of music and ruin my Oboe chops.  
I also had no training in jazz except I was playing it.  The school I 
went to did nothing to help me with the understanding or playing of 
jazz.  They were totally against it.

Things haven't really changed much except there are pseudo jazz courses 
in some music schools today and in almost every music program.  Those 
classes are for the most part taught by people who cannot play jazz.  
the reason for this is that most jazzers don't have degrees stacked up 
high enough to teach at the college level.  What you end up with is guys 
that are highly trained in the intellectual pursuit of music but are 
short on the hands on part.  We have a university (I don't use that word 
though) here in town that has the highest number of students who can't 
pass basic reading.  Their teachers came from the same schools and their 
students (graduates) will go out and teach more kids who won't be able 
read who will in turn become students and professors of that school.  
DUH! what's wrong with this picture.

Rather than make fun of that person (may be deserved) It would be better 
to try to explain Jazz and Blues so that person might be better educated 
then to teach our kids.  It may not be entirely his fault but the school 
that he went to.

Since I teach still on a part time basis I run into these guys fairly 
often in the teaching field.  Most are good intentioned and are trying 
to do a good job.  If you know something that they don't and they will 
listen then teach them.  Unfortunately some of them are know it all 
jerks too.

tcashwigg at aol.com wrote:
> I just lifted this post off another list for musicians:
> I spared you guys my reply :))
> Some of you that are retired need to give it up and go back and teach 
> them that is teaching your grandkids.
> Sadly
> Tom I Dunno Squat cause I'm a drummer and not a real musician,
> Thank Goodness  I could have turned out to be a music teacher like 
> this one :))   And to think they give these folks Degrees and 
> credentials to teach others.
> The Post I swear:
> What's The Difference between Blues and Jazz?
> I'm a teacher who is going through a chapter on music. We're moving 
> into music styles, like jazz and blues. what's the difference between 
> these 2 genres? They sound so similar to me. I would appreciate any 
> responses asap. Thanks.
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