[Dixielandjazz] Wonder what is wrong with music in Schools today ?

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Hi Larry...take away his mouthpiece! That's like putting Vaseline on the bow 
of the smart-ass string player who keeps messing around...
My last year teaching band I had a jerky kid who transferred in from NY-8th 
grade. He was a general pain in the ass before band started...everyday! He 
wouldn't sit down, just wandered around talking and disrupting the scene, 
when I would ask him nicely to sit down and take out his trumpet, he told me 
F-you...in front of the whole band...to get him to the office down the hall 
was almost impossible.."Don't touch me", F-you, over and over...one inch 
steps to the office...in 35 years of teaching I never had a problem like 
that, then my last two months this kid appears! The vice-principle wouldn't 
do ANYTHING!!! I got out of teaching JUST barely before I murdered and 
dismembered that kid! :~) (and a TRUMPET player yet!!!)
Warm regards,
Bob Romans,
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Because I play trumpet, I envy no one.

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> As some of you know I teach band part time along with two other band 
> directors in a private school run by a major denomination here in  St. 
> Louis.  For the size of the school we have a large band program.  65 kids 
> in A band and 30 in B band.  Not bad for a school of not quite 600 kids.
> This is how one kid can ruin a session for everyone.  During my rehearsal 
> the kids were generally talking a bit but could be quited down but several 
> times when I would be talking to  the group there was one kid in the back 
> on Bari sax who continued playing.  I asked him to stop and went on. 
> Unfortunately so did he.  I asked him to please practice at home and not 
> on our time.  He then argued that the bari was too big to carry home.  (I 
> played bari in Jr. High and took it on the bus but that was the good old 
> days).   He started playing again.  I told him if one more note came out 
> of that horn He was going to the Principals office.  He said he wouldn't 
> go.  I told him that I would start getting pretty crude because he didn't 
> seem to understand me.  Again he said no.  I told him in no un certain 
> words to shut up again he said No.  I told him to go to the office.  Again 
> he said no so I brought the office to him and he was escorted out of the 
> class.  Personally, I think I gave him too many warnings but this was out 
> of the blue with no reason.  The truth is that he will be back in band 
> faster than I will.
> Contrast this with an honor band that I am working with.  The rehearsals 
> go without a peep coming out of the kids.  A lot of adult bands can't do 
> that.  The difference is that in the first case the kids sign up for band 
> for a credit and a place to talk with their friends there is no place to 
> send them if they aren't in band that hour and the second is that the kids 
> will be asked to leave instantly if they don't behave.
> Guess which band plays better?
> Money talks,  the school wants that kids $7000 tuition so they don't want 
> to make the parents unhappy so he will get to continue being in band and 
> I'm sure that I haven't heard the last out of him.  He will come back to 
> class with a swagger showing me and the others that he got away with it. 
> This is at a college prep school no less.
> I can't wait to see what happens next week.
> Larry Walton
> St. Louis
> tcashwigg at aol.com wrote:
>> I just lifted this post off another list for musicians:
>> I spared you guys my reply :))
>> Some of you that are retired need to give it up and go back and teach 
>> them that is teaching your grandkids.
>> Sadly
>> Tom I Dunno Squat cause I'm a drummer and not a real musician,
>> Thank Goodness  I could have turned out to be a music teacher like this 
>> one :))   And to think they give these folks Degrees and credentials to 
>> teach others.
>> The Post I swear:
>> What's The Difference between Blues and Jazz?
>> I'm a teacher who is going through a chapter on music. We're moving into 
>> music styles, like jazz and blues. what's the difference between these 2 
>> genres? They sound so similar to me. I would appreciate any responses 
>> asap. Thanks.
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