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 even extends to those who don't like us.>>

Oh Larry,
I am sorry that your problems with the English (not American) language even 
extend to your inability to read .
I specifically said that there are many things about America and Americans 
which I embrace wholeheartedly. I just wouldn`t like to live in the USA. I 
wouldn`t like to live in Croatia either, or Nigeria or the Galapagos. I even 
heard a New Yorker say that they woudn`t like to live in California.  Is no 
one entitled to hold such an opinion without attracting the contumely which 
springs from your ingrained inferiority complex?.
The trouble is you expect to rule the world and be liked as well, and the 
suggestion that there may exist people who actually do not want to be 
American is an affront.

Your list of things for which we should idolise America is a bit suspect as 
You specify `an American tune` which by definition is from America. Who can 
argue with that?. However not even the most myopic would argue that only 
Americans write tunes. Even that tune which you always play at ball games is 
a pinch from `God save the Queen.`
`Watch a movie`` See Lumiere, (1805)  a Frenchman no less, who is credited 
with being the first to exhibit  moving pictures to a paying audience of 
more than one person.
`Operate a computer`.  See Babbage.( English 1791 to 1871) The father of the 
calculator and hence of the computer.
`Eat a hamburger` Good Grief! There is a claim to World Dominance if I ever 
heard one.

C`mon! Lighten up. Its not World War 3.

Musical Content.  `I like America`  Noel Coward in Las Vegas



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