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Jeanne Brei TinPanAlleyCat at cox.net
Tue Oct 11 13:00:08 PDT 2005

Dear Sam and Evelyne,
   My name is Jeanne Brei and I'm a singer/dancer lurker on DJML as well --  
and I live in Las Vegas. I have yet to make it to Sun Valley's fabulous 
festival (one of these days!) but I'd love to share some of Las Vegas' 
highlights -- we'll even be hosting the Dukes of Dixieland downtown (at 
Celebrity on Third Street) starting 10/12 for a couple of weeks. And of 
course, you won't want to miss The Royal Dixie Band playing at the Gold 
Coast Casino M-F from 1:00-6:45 PM. (it's much of the same personnel that it 
was under Jim Fitzgerald's Kinda Dixie Jazz Band -- it's just that Jim 
    I look forward to meeting you -- my schedule is a little crazy so 
hopefully I will be here when you are. I'll be in New York city from 
10/14-24 and then I leave for Santa Monica on 11/1-10 followed by Atlanta 
11/15-21. So, if I'm here when you are, please give me a call at 
Looking forward to meeting you!
Jeanne Brei
Tin Pan Alley Cat Entertainment
(702) 254-3832 / jeannebrei at cox.net

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Having journeyed to the USA to to do a Jazzdagen jazz cruise that went from 
San Francisco, around the "Horn" to Rio in Brazil in Oct. last year and then 
attending the Suncoast Jazz fetival in Clearwater Beach, Florida and the 
Thanksgiving Jazz Festival in San Diego on our way back to Australia, we 
found that we'd acquired a taste for the good life.  We're doing it again, 
but on a more modest scale this time.  Next Wednesday, we're leaving for Sun 
Valley Idaho for their Jazz Festival, then a few days in 'Vegas where we 
hope to catch up with some OKOM and then another Jazzdagen/Arbors cruise to 
the Mexican Riviera & back to L.A.
Unfortunately we have to hurry back for our own festival in Melbourne at the 
end of Nov. and will miss the San Diego Fetiv.  We met wonderful people last 
time and look forward to making more friends in OKOM.  Hoping to meet some 
listmates, but have no DJML IDs  Is such a thing available in the USA?
Regards to all,
Sam.  (the lurker, lately)
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