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Sun Oct 9 16:12:55 PDT 2005

Do tunes such as "Old Man Harlem", "Lotus Blossum", "Shoo Shoo Baby", 
"Christopher Columbus", and "Undecided" fall loosely under the umbrella of OKOM even 
if they're not Dixieland?  Most of you would say yes, I think, and some of 
your bands have played these tunes so I'll consider this note is OK here.
Anyway, those tunes were on vinyls by a group called Razmataz, popular in New 
England in the 80's and led by Cindy and Rob Kelly. They were joined 
sometimes on their recordings by the likes of Lou Columbo and Dick Johnson, picked by 
Artie Shaw to lead the Artie Shaw Band. The group made 3 records, the last in 
'85, and I last saw them perform in Cambridge in the mid 90's. They were a 
great act with Cindy wearing 30's costumes and Rob in his zoot-suit.
Any of you New Englanders know what became of them?  Google searches turn up 
nothing and the same for their record label, Soap Records. Just curious after 
a night of bingeing on their music.
Jack Thomas   

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