[Dixielandjazz] Support of jazz by the Jewish jazz fans.

luis daniel flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Thu Oct 6 13:57:19 PDT 2005

Let me make it clear about this subject. I initiated this thread not to make a
Jews celebration, but to make a Jazz celebration trough the Jews who made a
tremendous contribution to jazz. And probably soon I am going to make a
program about jazz and Arabian places.
Now that I know more about the suffering of the exodus from other countries
seeking freedom I can understand more about jazz. Jazz is a music of the soul
more than any other genre.
I also appreciate more this DJML list, what a great contribution each of you
make to our acknowledge of this music and with great maturity. I am glad I
belong to this OKOM.
Dr. Luis Daniel Flores FRCOG
domingos/Sundays 9:30/12:30 GMT

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