[Dixielandjazz] Medford-new band

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Mon Oct 3 23:39:55 PDT 2005

I will  be playing the Medford, OR Jazz Jubilee this weekend, Oct 7,8,9, with 
the  Fulton Street Jazz Band.  Listmate Paul Edgerton will also be  there.

If any DJML members are there, be sure to look us up..........  Bob Ringwald

I will also be there with my brand new sextet.  I can't wait to start  with 
this band and I thank the people in Medford for giving a brand new band  with 
no recordings or festivals "under our belts," a chance!
Scott Whitfield - Trombone and Vocals (Los Angeles)
Eric Schneider - Woodwinds (Chicago)
Mike Vax - Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Bay Area, CA)
Armand Boatman - Piano (Phoenix)
Chris Symer - Bass (Seattle)
Gary Hobbs - Drums (Portland)
We are going to have a great time.
For any festival directors or board members out there, I will get a report  
from the directors in Medford to give to you.  (Maybe even some audience  feed 
back.)  We would love to play some more festivals.
Mike Vax

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