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Hi Kimberly:

Just tell your husband to join the 21st century and put some additional 
SERVICES on his musician business card:

Clarinetist/Saxophonist  Fri. Sat , & Sun.
Discount Brain Surgery, eye lazer surgery on Mon Tue, Wed, Thurs.  Same 
price as musician wages for Fri-Sat.
  Legal, Wills, and Tax preparation on Tues & Wed  noon to five.  1/2 
Free Vasectomies & frontal Lobotomies, to Doctors and Lawyers who 
dabble in music on their days off


Tom Wiggins

Don't feel bad I have folks asking me every day to book them FREE bands 
 from New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina Benefits, you must realize that 
3000-5000 musicians in New Orleans are not people and have not even yet 
achieved REFUGEE OR Evacuee status by the Red Cross, United Way or 
FEMA, and rumor has it that they may be classified soon as looters and 
arrested for stealing water or food, shot on the spot if caught trying 
to steal a musical instrument or even seen walking down the street with 
one with out a receipt for it's purchase in the past three weeks.

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    Can I just say one thing as a bandwife as well?  My husband makes 
his living as
a musician, he doesn't have a "day job" unless you count teaching 
clarinet and
sax as a "day job".  I can't tell you how many times he has been beaten 
out of a
gig by either older retired musicians who still get together and charge 
they did 20 years ago and think that's fine, or by musicians who work 
day jobs
as doctors or lawyers and play jazz as a hobby, but a client will think 
really cool to hire an all doctor band to play jazz for half of what 
union wages

And my husband doesn't go overboard, he asks for standard union wages, 
but how
can bands compete for gigs when retired musicians play for peanuts and 
play for fun?  Sometimes it boggles the mind.


>>> <tcashwigg at aol.com> 09/30/2005 >>>

I agree with that Larry:

I just wrote a scathing letter to some hobby dude who posted an add
here in our area wanting to find Horn Players to play for free in his
N.O. Brass Band he hopes to form to go out and play free gigs .   He
adamantly stated NO PROS,.

What a Moron.

And we wonder why our marketplace is shriveling away rapidly to make
and earn a living in music as professionals.

I also just educated some lady looking for  Free Band, and converted
her into a  very well paid gig after I shamed her for even asking for a
band for FREE.

Like I said a while back the folks who are in charge of getting music
have no clue what they are doing and as long as they can come into
contact with musicians that are also clueless this is going to only get
worse and worse.


Tom Wiggins

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    I follow the six foot rule.  Everyone within six feet of me knows
what I do
and what I have to sell.  If you just sit and say nothing that's what

There are two groups on this list: the hobby players and the guys that
understand music as a business.

I agree, it  boils down to what a group or individual's personal goals
Personally I started playing professionally when I was 15 and put myself
through college and raised my family with music.  While I have always
had a
day job it has always been music oriented.  About 15 years ago I
started a
non music related business but until that time I either taught or played
music 100%.  The music business has always been in my blood and I get a
of personal satisfaction from music on two levels.  The first is that I
to play music.  The Second is that people will pay to hear me do it.

I get personal satisfaction knowing that people want to hear me play and
have done so for 50 years but it's not without effort.  I do have to
work at
it.  People just don't turn loose of money easily and as Tom  and Steve
constantly point out to me is that you have to sell, sell, sell.

Sales are difficult in any business and more so in music.  Whereas if
are selling shoes the customer leaves with something tangible.  With
he leaves with hopefully a good feeling or you have furthered his
or whatever but he doesn't leave with a tangible thing.

A lot of hobby musicians just don't like the idea that music is a
and that it can be sold. but it's more than that.  If a musician doesn't
play and play often he's musically dead.  The endurance goes and so
does a
lot of other things.  Personally I don't feel that I could maintain my
personal musical standard with a once a week rehearsal or the twice a
nursing home gig.

I have pretty much withdrawn my services from the local hobby bands
the leaders of those bands are using the musicians and not paying them
fairly for their time.  I guess that pretty much draws the line.

Larry Walton
St. Louis

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> Tom Wiggins wrote:
> >I do play gigs and so does Steve Barbone, and Jim Kash..........Tom
> Tom, I don't think my name can come into this discussion about
pushing for
> gigs, as I just happen to be in a band that has been together a very
> time in a very small area.  Our name & good music carries us through.
> this, I daily count my blessings, and we are content with the work we
> I do not promote the band as such, nor do I call anyone for gigs.  I
> over the years, made the occassional "suggestion" while having dinner
> drink at a place, that maybe the band would be good for business, but
> is the extent of my delivery.
> That, then, brings us to the crux of Mike Vax's original message, that
> constant reminders by some on the list that things should be done
this way
> or that may not fit the mold of others, the way they work or where
> work, therefore it is meaningless and boring to read over & over.
> I really don't like to look at my gigging with the band as a
business.  I
> have enough of that during the day!  The band is a perfect escape
> rather than a business.  If it's not that way for others, that's
fine, but
> it's up to each one to decide how & why he handles his music the way
> does.
> Jim
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