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Like I  said a while back the folks who are in charge of getting music
have no clue  what they are doing and as long as they can come into
contact with  musicians that are also clueless this is going to only get
worse and  worse.


Tom Wiggins

You have made consistently wise and helpful comments about  the band scene 
for as long as I have been on this list. But this time I am  missing a piece of 
your logic; perhaps you could fill me in.
How are things so different now (people in charge of getting music and  those 
playing for free are morons) versus back "then," however long ago, "then"  
was. I grew up playing for fun at high school dances, bars, and at many parties. 
 No one accused me of taking bread from the mouths of working musicians. In 
fact,  one of my favorite fun times, was to walk into a beer hall, ask to play 
the  old upright, and see how long it took to be offered a job by the 
management.  What an ego kick that was. Later, when I got regular gigs playing in 
better bars  with a real Dixieland band, we never complained about this sort of 
thing.  Why?
Help me understand how times have changed. Seriously!
Dan (piano fingers) Spink (who has played on both sides of the  line)  

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