[Dixielandjazz] Democracy in the band

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Wed Mar 30 13:13:41 PST 2005

Whoa, Steve.  You've gone a bit overboard here.  First of all, I've been
playing with this pianist since 1967.  The drummer joined the band in 1981.
The other two members joined in the mid-seventies.  We play steady, as a
solid band, all the time! There is no leader, as such, and that is why we
are still playing together after all of these years.  The cake, at the end
of the gig, is shared evenly.

I only mentioned that, sometimes, on a large stage, I can feel a "less
compact" rhythm than usual, and I feel it could be solved by a better
monitor mix.

My only complaint is that the pianist insists he hears the drummer just fine
without having him in the monitor mix, and I believe that he sometimes hears
the drums with a slight delay, causing the above mentioned problem.  Maybe
it's happened 5 or 6 times in the last 10 yrs!

I just mentioned this problem as it interests me as a musician and as a
sound engineer.  
Your suggestions are way out of proportion, and have nothing to do with a
band such as ours.


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