[Dixielandjazz] Democracy in the band

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 30 13:00:05 PST 2005

"Jim Kashishian" <jim at kashprod.com>

> Interesting....the comments so far about my posting concerning acoustics,
> although the suggestion that the drummer go in the middle is a no-no since
> that's they way they want to set up!  Also, my stating to the pianist that
> he have some drums in his monitor mix is met with resistance, so....what I
> would really like to hear is something from the math guys out there.
> Can someone put it into plain English what the pianist might suffer in delay
> when hearing the drummer from a distance of, say, 6 yards...taking into
> account normal stage height in a theater set up for plays (floating scenery
> above the stage).  That way, I might be able to argue my point.
> Democracy in a band can be a drag sometimes!  It would be easier if I could
> just be General Franco for a day!!!

Democracy in a Band? Sounds like a no-no, especially if you are having
playing problems as stated. Regardless of whether it is a technical problem
or not.

Leader is "leader", that's why he/she gets the BIG bucks. It is what Leader
wants that leader should get.

May sound cold, but if it were me and piano did not want rest of band,
especially the drum who IS the time keeper in his monitor, and piano was not
in sync with drums, I would insist upon it. If still no, I would fire the
SOB for being unprofessional. After all, what kind of musician is it in a
band that does not want to hear the rest of the band? My thought is that it
is a BAD MUSICIAN and one that is part of the problem and not part of the

You may find out that there is no real delay, and that either drum or piano
is just not capable of playing good time.

Rhythm section should be "Together" in body and spirit. They have a problem.
They should solve the problem, either with proper set-up, or monitors. Tech
info is not going to solve it. If they won't do it on their own, leadership
will solve their problem.

Steve Barbone

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