[Dixielandjazz] Solos and applause

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Sat Mar 26 19:30:01 PST 2005

 Bill Gunter writes regarding Artie Shaw's comments on applause:

-> Picky picky picky ...
> Classical music isn't jazz . . . the conventions are different. 
> Theoretically, one applauds at the conclusion of the symphony or concerto 
> and not at the end of each movement or section. Only the unwashed do that 
> but it's totally understandable . . . after all, the closing cadenza of 
> the movement has been played and the music stops. Seems reasonable to 
> applaud at that point. Matter of fact, I often feel rather stupid when, 
> after a particularly great movement, I am just supposed to sit there mute 
> and restrain my enthusiasm until the end of the last section. Of course, I 
> silently pat myself on the back and am pleased with my superior tastes 
> that I'm not one of those ignorant peasants who will applaud at anything. 
> Is that dumb or what!!!

Bob Ringwald responds:

Sometimes I have such a good movement that I feel it deserves applause. 
However, perhaps this is not the time & place to discuss this phenomenon?

> Shaw was a rigid perfectionist and jazz is loose and really invites 
> audience involvement. One doesn't need an "authority" to tell one how to 
> respond to music . . . one just does!!!!!  Sheesh!!!
> Furthermore - If you wanna see total audience participation, go to a local 
> rock concert and watch how everyone sits quietly until the last drum blast 
> and then listen as they applaud appreciatively and with dignity and 
> restraint. Yeah, right.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "Wow! Love that Scherzo!" Gunter
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