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Hi All,
Is "Every Good Boy Does Fine" peculiar to USA?
I thought the original (UK version) was "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour"?
That's what I was taught at school in Scotland.
The Australian version my kids used was "Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit."
Maybe we need an international list compiled ?
Tom (All Cows Eat Grass) Wood

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> Here is a PC experiment about memory aids for the lines in the treble
> Credit to Kirk Prebyl (drums) Davenport, Iowa:
> Cheers
> Steve Barbone
> "We all know about the issue of Every Good Boy Does Fine as the little
> saying to help students recall the names of the lines in the treble clef.
> So, to avoid the inherent sexism, many teachers substitute their own
> or phrases."
> "Last night, one of my graduate students shared the results of her
> experiment that involved students creating their own words to aid in
> memorizing these lines..."
> "The one that will not be used in class came from a very sweet,
> innocent-looking young girl who suggested:"
>     "Everyone Grins Because Daddy Farted."
> "I, for one, will never think of the treble clef in quite the same way
> again."
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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