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Dear Charles,
Thank you for your suggestion about using the Inter Library Loan (ILL) 
progam. It is certainly a wonderful source of books that are out of print or 
too expensive to consider owning. Occasionally the ILL librarians have been 
able to locate what I want in a nearby state, college, or university library 
which means that I haven't had to wait for a week or more for the volume to 
be mailed. Along those lines, Scarecrow Press and Greenwood Press publish a 
lot of jazz books that are almost all prohibitively costly. Regards.
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> Sad & funny stuff. Want more? Someone on the list recommended to me Karl 
> Koenig's Jazz in Print (1856-1929): An Anthology of Selected Early 
> Readings in Jazz History. It's filled with debates about (mostly bashings 
> of) ragtime, with ample confusion after 1917 of ragtime, jazz, and other 
> popular musics. You can buy this very fat book but I got it on 
> interlibrary loan, a gold mine in the U.S. for getting books that aren't 
> stocked in your library's shelves, that you can't afford, that you'd like 
> to read but not own, etc. Here in Montgomery, Ala., I've borrowed dozens 
> of offbeat books that way and the librarians are thrilled, if curious, 
> that an old guy would be requesting arcane books on jazz and collections 
> by poets with funny names.
> Charlie Suhor
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>>> "Is ragtime a crime? Does it keep the public from buying good music? 
>>> Would
>>> more songs and piano pieces by MacDowell be bought if there were fewer
>>> compositions by Irving Berlin for sale?" (Musical Courier, 1916)
>> Hummm: appears not, But then again on some bandstands in my era it seemed
>> like ragtime was a crime.  I have not seen anyone releasing the Great 
>> MacDowell
>> songbook reissues yet, but then again perhaps I missed it as well as the 
>> rest
>> of life prior to 1944.
>> Damned, Berlin,!
>> I have also been trying but not succeeding to miss the Rap era as well.
>> Anybody on the list got any Rap Charts for sale?
>> Cheers,   :>) VBG
>> Tom Wiggins
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