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Sad & funny stuff. Want more? Someone on the list recommended to me 
Karl Koenig's Jazz in Print (1856-1929): An Anthology of Selected Early 
Readings in Jazz History. It's filled with debates about (mostly 
bashings of) ragtime, with ample confusion after 1917 of ragtime, jazz, 
and other popular musics. You can buy this very fat book but I got it 
on interlibrary loan, a gold mine in the U.S. for getting books that 
aren't stocked in your library's shelves, that you can't afford, that 
you'd like to read but not own, etc. Here in Montgomery, Ala., I've 
borrowed dozens of offbeat books that way and the librarians are 
thrilled, if curious, that an old guy would be requesting arcane books 
on jazz and collections by poets with funny names.

Charlie Suhor

On Mar 21, 2005, at 1:57 PM, TCASHWIGG at aol.com wrote:

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>> "Is ragtime a crime? Does it keep the public from buying good music? 
>> Would
>> more songs and piano pieces by MacDowell be bought if there were fewer
>> compositions by Irving Berlin for sale?" (Musical Courier, 1916)
> Hummm: appears not, But then again on some bandstands in my era it 
> seemed
> like ragtime was a crime.  I have not seen anyone releasing the Great 
> MacDowell
> songbook reissues yet, but then again perhaps I missed it as well as 
> the rest
> of life prior to 1944.
> Damned, Berlin,!
> I have also been trying but not succeeding to miss the Rap era as well.
> Anybody on the list got any Rap Charts for sale?
> Cheers,   :>) VBG
> Tom Wiggins
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